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Running Up the Score

How do I coach a lop sided game and keep the score down?

Be aware of the possibilities early on
. Coaches need to be proactive and be ready to adjust when the game is at 3-0 or 4-0 not when the score is 7-0.

Start the so called stronger players at defender or goal keeper if you know that you are playing a weaker team.
This may prevent scores becoming lopsided early.

Check the scores from previous weeks to know who you are playing and be helpful to weaker teams.

Before the season begins ensure that all coaches are educated at both coaches meeting and coaches clinic.
All coaches should know about SAY philosophy and how running up scores will not be seen as positive coaching.

Stipulate rules.
For example: the team must make five passes before scoring.

Goals can only be scored by the weaker foot, from outside the penalty area or after the player has performed a move such as the Maradonna that has been worked on in training.

Goals can only be scored once every player in the team has touched the ball.

Coaches should work together.
  After four goals are scored, consider allowing the opposition to add a player and be prepared to add another player if the score

Teams can take a player out of the game if the score moves above 4-0
. The option above will not penalize playing time of the kids just for scoring goals. It is also suggested that the referee should intervene when the score moves above a certain point. This way the coaches are not put in tense situations.

Finally, it’s ok to tell the players not to score anymore and talk about good sportsmanship so they understand why.