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Kings Referee Program & Requirements

Revised 1.18.2022

Referee Coordinator: Deb Cowan ([email protected])

Please review the program info below before sending any inquiries.  Your question might already be answered below.

1.       How much are referees paid?

Referees are to be paid in cash by the home coach before the start of the game.
Coaches need to bring exact change, as referees are not expected to make change. 
Each game should have 2 referees.  In the event one referee officiates a game, that referee should receive both game fees (so double pay).

The following is the amount per referee:

Age Group


Length of Quarters

Pay (per referee per game)

















 14U Kickers15  $40

16U & 19U

Minors & Seniors




2.       How old do you have to be to become a Kings referee?

You must be at least turning 13 in the year you are training in order to start refereeing.

3.       How do I become a referee for the Kings Soccer Club?

Regardless of soccer experience, all prospective Kings Soccer referees are required to attend initial SAY training to become a referee and then are responsible for maintaining their certification.  Training can be through Kings or through another SAY organization.  If you attend training with another SAY organization, please have the referee coordinator from that organization contact Deb Cowan ([email protected]) to provide proof of certification. 

Kings Soccer Club will always provide new referee training before the spring season which is open to new referees who will be 13 by end of year through adult.  This class provides certification for refereeing 6U-19U.  Specific training information will be available on our website by the end of January. 

When deemed necessary by the Club, we will offer an additional, shorter training in August that will certify new referees for 6U-8U games.  This class will be only one session.  After the session is completed, participants will be required to complete and pass an online test (70 or above) to become a referee.  If the class will be offered, specific training information will be available on our website by mid-July.  If there is no information listed on the site by the end of July, it means the Club does not have a need for new 6U & 8U referees for the fall.

If you complete the training but do not score a minimum of 70 on the test, then you will not be certified.  Those scoring 60-69 will be considered in a probationary status and may or may not referee, depending on the needs of the Club.  Anyone scoring 59 or below will not be able to referee and will need to wait for the next class in order to try again.

Training costs $20 per referee and is non-refundable.

The initial training certification is valid for 1 year (2 seasons).

4.       Are there any other requirements to begin refereeing?

All referees must complete the Concussion Training module, as required by Ohio state law. 

This training is offered online and at no cost.  It can be completed at
Once completed, a referee must keep either an electronic or paper copy with them whenever they are officiating games. 

An electronic copy must also be provided to Deb Cowan via email at [email protected].

Concussion Training certification is valid for 3 calendar years.

5.       Once I complete my initial training, what are the requirements to maintain my referee status?

a.       If you completed only the August 6U&8U class, you must take a refresher class every year either online or in person.  This information will be sent to applicable referees in July each year.  If you do not complete the refresher as required, you will not be able to referee that season.  No exceptions.  Refreshers at this level will be $15 per year.  In other words, if you only want to referee 6U&8U games, you will need to pay $15 per year.

b.       If you take the spring training offered, you have the following requirements:

                                                   i.      You must score an 80 or above 3 times OR a 90 or above 2 times in order to complete the training.  This means you will need to take the class multiple years to complete your certification.

                                                 ii.      If you score a 70-79, that class will keep you active as a referee but will NOT count towards the requirements above.

                                               iii.      Each time you take the class until you have satisfied the requirements; there is a $15 fee.

                                               iv.      Once you have fulfilled your training requirements as detailed above, you will be required to either attend an in-person meeting or complete an online module once a year depending upon what the Club deems necessary for that year.  There is NO cost to this requirement.


6.       What do I need to have in order to be a referee?


Any time you arrive to work a game, you must bring the following:


a.       Whistle

b.       Sports watch (preferably one with a countdown timer)—a stopwatch is OK, but really not recommended.  Using a phone to keep time is strictly prohibited and could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including removal of Kings referee status.

c.       Black shorts or pants

d.       For 6U & 8U levels, a plain black or yellow shirt is acceptable.  For 10U and above, it is REQUIRED that you purchase a referee jersey.

e.       Writing utensil for the game cards.  We will be using game cards for 8U games and above. 

f.        Set of red/yellow cards which will be supplied upon successful completion of training

g.       Referee badge for 10U & up games

h.       Appropriate footwear for running.  Cleats or normal athletic shoes will work.

i.         Black socks - They do NOT have to be the referee type.  They can be low socks.

j.         SAY rule book which will be supplied at training


k.       Referee bag to keep all your required items ready and available in one place

l.         Plastic bag. In case of rain, you want to be able to protect your phone.

m.     Hat & sunscreen for sunny days

n.       Plenty to drink


7.       What does the Club expect from its referees?

All referees must fulfill their commitments and work their games as assigned and accepted.  If you cannot do so, you are required to contact Deb Cowan as soon as you are aware that you are not able to work your games.  You must not give your games to another referee without first getting approval through Deb.

Failure to show up for an assignment without previous notification will lead to disciplinary action, up to and including removal of Kings referee status.

You must arrive no less than 10 minutes before your first game time.  When you arrive at the fields, you must have on the required uniform and have with you the required items needed to perform your job (as detailed in #6).

All referees must conduct themselves professionally and politely when at the soccer fields.  When working a game, you must maintain your focus on the game and officiate the game to the best of your ability.

In the event of thunder OR lightning, you must follow procedure as outlined in the SAY rule book.  This includes stopping play and evacuating the fields.  You must wait 30 minutes from the LAST incident of thunder OR lightning before play can resume.  Both referees must confer with both coaches before any decision is made to suspend the game for the day.  If this decision is made, the referees will keep the full fees and the home coach will receive new funds from the Club for the rescheduled game.

If you have any issues with a coach or parent during a game, please report details to Deb upon conclusion of the game. 
Also, you must report to Deb if your partner referee does not show up for the game.

8.       What does “disciplinary action, up to and including removal of Kings referee status” mean?

Being a Kings referee is both a job and a privilege.  As such, you must fulfill the requirements and expectations to continue to referee for the Club.  If you are unable to satisfactorily do so, you may be limited in the assignments you are given or you may not be assigned at all.

It is completely up the Club’s discretion to determine any individual’s referee status and game assignments.

9.       How are game assigned?

We use for all assigning.  You will be able to assign yourself to games you can work.