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Kings Soccer Club

Instructional 6U Division

Kings Soccer Club Instructional (6U) Rules

Here is a summation of the special rules for Instructional 6U Division. 

1.   Number of Players:

                a.      3 players; no goalkeepers.


2.   Players Equipment:

                a.      Soft shoes or approved soccer shoes and shin guards are required.

                b.     Shin guards must be covered by the socks.


3.   Referee:

                a.      As normal, except that all infractions should be briefly explained to the offending player.

b.      Since play between 2 teams is split onto 2 fields, each small field will have a single referee.


4.   Offside:

                a.      The offside rule shall not apply. No build out line rules apply either.


5.   Fouls and Misconduct:

                a.      All fouls shall result in an Indirect Free Kick. The infraction should be explained to the player.


6.   Free Kick:

                a.      All free kicks will be indirect which is signaled by the referee’s arm being raised in the air.


7.   Penalty Kick:

                a.      No penalty kicks will be taken. If a foul occurs in the penalty box, the Indirect Free Kick will be taken outside the goal box.


8.   Throw-in:

                a.      When an improper throw-in is taken, the referee will stop play, explain the proper procedure to the player and allow the throw-in to be retaken.


9.   Goal Kick:

                a.      A goal kick may be taken from any point inside the goal area. As there is only one box, the ball must only be kicked away from the goal area to be considered in play.


10. Substitution:

                a.      Substitutions are allowed for both teams with referee’s permission:

                                i. on a goal kick

                                ii. after a goal

                                iii. during an extended time out (as for an injury)

                                iv. between quarters

                                v. when the referee stops the game to issue a caution or a send-off

                b.     Throw-ins:

                i.     The team in possession of the ball on a throw-in may substitute any number of players. If the team in possession chooses to substitute, the opposing team may also substitute any number of players.

                c.      Please have the players at the center line for substitution so the referees can see who is ready to come into the game.


11. After the end of each quarter, the teams switch ends of the field. At this age group, switching can be adjusted to at half, if both coaches agree.


12. No intentional headers allowed.  If one occurs, play is stopped, and an indirect free kick is awarded at the spot the infraction occurred.


13. Players cannot stand in their own goal area to act as a keeper.  They can only enter the area if in the course of active play, they move into the area as part of the play. However, they must leave the area, as soon as play moves on.