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Kings Soccer Club

Board Members


Doug Herkes

Vice President/District Representative

Tim Gulbin


Eric Townsend

Registration Coordinator

Andy Cebulskie

Coaching/Scorekeeping Coordinator

Mike Carrelli

Uniform Coordinator

Kirk Knollman

Equipment Coordinator

Ivi Ganger

Scheduling Coordinator

Chris Hoff

Team Formation Coordinator

Tim Gulbin

Referee Coordinator

Deb Cowan

Training Coordinator

Chrissy Toennis

SAY North Tournament Coordinator

Doug Herkes

Passers Tournament Coordinator

Chrissy Toennis

Picture Coordinator

Kris Jones

Field Coordinator

Chris Kamps

Sponsorship Coordinator

Kirk Knollman


Referee Clinic

Larry Sage

These board members work together with input from parents, coaches, players, local business owners, local government and other entities to bring the highest possible level of quality youth soccer to our area.  Through their commitment and diligence, the Kings Soccer Club continues to be an environment of positive growth for our children and a profound benefit to our community.

Please remember that these Board Members are volunteers that have invested a great amount of time in building and maintaining one of the premier community soccer clubs in the area.  They are deserving of our respect and should be recognized and congratulated for their outstanding contributions.